Caring for my pop

Caring for my pop

Aged Care Services Available For You

by John Duncan

With age, you reach a point in your life where you are too fragile to survive on your own. You become dependent on other people. Your children and their families might be too busy to have the time for you. At this point, you will have to seek aged care services from companies like Simply Helping. Aged care is defined as a designated facility which provides support and accommodation to promote comfortable living and assistance to people who are elderly and frail. Such centres offer various services which might be helpful to you. Here is an analysis of some of the support you can hire. 

1. Restorative Care (Short-term) – Some people prefer staying in their homes as they age. However, with the decline brought about by age, this becomes difficult, and one requires some help to accomplish daily tasks. This aid comes along with various services which span over a period of weeks. The service is intended to reduce or slow down the challenges aged people have every day. Through such, your well-being and independence is improved. Another purpose of the service is to delay the need to go into long-term aged care.

2. Respite Care – This aged care service can also be referred to as short-term care. The service acts as a support for both you and the carer. This means that your carer will be free to continue with their daily activities while making sure that all your requirements are met. Such a service can be delivered by a formal respite facility or family, neighbours, and friends. The service ensures that your carer has the capability of offering you even longer care.  Depending on your needs and schedule, the care can be done for a few hours or days. This will also depend on the services given in your area as well as your eligibility. Also, the service can be done in the comfort of your home or a care facility.

3. Nursing Homes – As has already been established, ageing takes away the ability to perform specific tasks. In such a scenario, you may need some help. This can be done through visiting an aged care home for either permanent or short-term stay. Nursing homes also offer support in cases where you are recuperating from an illness or emergency. The staff in such places are specially trained to cook, clean and provide personal care for all of your requirements. The aged care homes have been mandated and approved by the government to offer quality services and support to older people. 


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Caring for my pop

My pop has done so many incredible things in his life. He fought in Vietnam and saved his best friend from dying by carrying him through the jungle for two days. After Grandma died though he seemed really lost. Not only did he lose the person who made sure he took all of his medicines and ate his dinner, but when Grandma went he also lost his best friend. I can't be there to help him all the time so I have organised a carer to stop in and make sure that he is eating his meals and keeping his spirits up. This blog is about the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one when you can't be there yourself.