Caring for my pop

Caring for my pop

Three home-improvement tips

by John Duncan

The term 'home-improvement' often brings to mind major renovation projects, which require lots of time, money and manpower. In reality, however, there are lots of less drastic ways to make your home a more enjoyable place to live. Here are three easy steps that you can take to improve the functionality and appearance of your property.

Change up the decor

Painting is one of the simplest methods of changing a house's interior. Whilst you might be tempted to use a bold, bright shade as a means of livening up a drab-looking room, light-coloured neutrals are generally a better choice; the pale tones will give the illusion of spaciousness, and classic neutral shades will never go out of style. However, if you're really longing to add a pop of colour into the space, invest in a few 'portable' decorative items which don't involve the same level of commitment as painting a wall; vividly-coloured cushions, throws, candles and artwork are a great way to liven up an otherwise lacklustre room.

Establish a home maintenance routine

Anyone who wishes to keep their property in tip-top condition should be carrying out basic home maintenance tasks on a regular basis. If you don't, you run the risk of having to deal with much bigger problems later down the line; for instance, failing to clear the leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutters and drains every few months can lead to serious blockages, which are very expensive to repair.

Moreover, a lack of maintenance will leave your home looking rundown and unattractive; not only will this make it a less pleasant place to spend time, but it may also have a negative impact on the value of the property. As such, it really is worth dedicating a few hours each month to looking after your house. Simple things, like checking for leaks in your faucets and toilets and cracks and dampness in the walls, cleaning out the ventilation fans in the kitchen, and lubricating the hinges in both the interior and exterior doors will all help to ensure your home stays in excellent condition.

Add some practical elements

While decor is certainly an important factor in making your home a cosy and inviting space, it is worth looking at ways to improve the functionality of the property too. If you or another member of your household struggles to use certain parts of the house due to mobility issues, it may be sensible to invest in some products that could make life a little easier. For instance, many people with back pain find recliner chairs with lifts to be useful; this type of furniture not only enables them to sit at an angle which is comfortable for them, but also allows them to get out of the seat without straining themselves. Similarly, a grab rail and a waterproof stool in the shower would both be helpful additions for anyone with physical ailments that impede their flexibility. If aesthetics are important to you, look for products which blend in with your existing decor scheme in terms of their colour, size, and material.


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Caring for my pop

My pop has done so many incredible things in his life. He fought in Vietnam and saved his best friend from dying by carrying him through the jungle for two days. After Grandma died though he seemed really lost. Not only did he lose the person who made sure he took all of his medicines and ate his dinner, but when Grandma went he also lost his best friend. I can't be there to help him all the time so I have organised a carer to stop in and make sure that he is eating his meals and keeping his spirits up. This blog is about the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one when you can't be there yourself.